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Home Depot, Target, and CHS: Are Data Breaches the NEW Normal?

By Miranda Alfonso-Williams, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/E/US 56 million, 42 million, and 4.5 million– these numbers represent the impact of high profile data breaches.  Home Depot is the latest major brand to be attacked.  This breach represents the second largest of

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5 Ways To Prevent Costly Data Breaches at Your Business

By Miranda Alfonso-Williams JP Morgan, Community Health System, Target, and Neiman Marcus all have one thing in common—they have been HACKED! Each week another organization has become the victim of a data breach. It is clear that attacks are on

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“The Snowden Effect”….Who Can We Trust?

By M.Alfonso-Williams Few figures have been as divisive and so quickly catapulted  to the world stage than Snowden.  To some he is the epitome of a “traitor”,  vilified for revealing “secrets” that some say  could compromise “national security”.  Others revere

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Back to Basics!

Originally posted on Privacy Beat:
Almost daily we hear about a business that has experienced some type of data breach. Whether it is credit card information, social security numbers, patient info; it represents a vulnerability and exposure to those that…

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