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Customer Letter To C-Suite! How Would You Respond?

The Problem? 2014 can be characterized as the year of the breach. Major brands were hit, massive amounts of data was compromised, reputations tarnished, share prices plummeted and the media started using terms like “Data Breaches—The New Normal”. Normal? Stolen

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Data Breaches in Healthcare Are On The Rise: How Data Breach/Cyber Security Insurance Can Help!

DATE:                 September 17, 2014 TIME:                   2:00-3:00 P.M. (EDT) CLICK HERE:  Watch Video! This Webinar will cover: * What is a breach? * The landscape (e.g. regulatory, etc.) * Reasons for the increase in

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FREE WEBINAR: Cyber/Data Breach Insurance Considerations for Small And Mid-Sized Businesses

DATE: SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 TIME: 2:00-3:00 (EDT)     Data Breaches are on the rise! The headlines are dominated by breaches impacting large companies like JP Morgan, Home Depot, Target, etc. The fact——-the same vulnerabilities are equally if not more

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Back to Basics!

Back to Basics!.

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Back to Basics!

Almost daily we hear about a business that has experienced some type of data breach. Whether it is credit card information, social security numbers, patient info; it represents a vulnerability and exposure to those that have been impacted. Conversely, the

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